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 F323     —[2010 Hong Kong Centenary of Railway]
 F324     —[2010 Netherlands Dutch Film Festival Stamp]
 F325     —[2010 Slovakia Soccer World Cup 3D Stamp]
 F326     —[2011 Malaysia Underground Engineering]
 F328     —[2011 New Zeland Webb Ellis Cup 3D Stamp]
 F329     —[2011 U.K. Thunderbirds 3D Stamp]
 F330     —[2013 Hong Kong Euro Buses Motion Stamp]
 F331     —[2013 South Africa Fly of Eagle Stamp]
 F332     —[2013 U.K. Jersey Superman 3D Stamp]
 F333     —[2014 H.K. Weather Phenomena 3D Stamp]
 F399 TEST
 F400     Hologram Stereo Stamp
 F401     —[1988 Brazil 20th Intl Art biennial] 3d Stamp
 F404     —[1990 Finland Telecommunications]
 F405     —[1993 Mongolia Blimp Hologram Stamp]
 F406     —[1999 Malaysia Petronas Twin Towers]
 F407     —[2000 Canada Dove Silver Hologram Stamp]
 F408     —[2007 Hong Kong Fireworks Hologram Stamp]
 F409     —[2007 Thailand King's 80th Birthday 3D Stamp]
 F410     —[2010 Grenada Laser printing 3D Stamp]
 F411     —[2012 Turkey World Environment Day Stamp]
 F412     —[2015 H.K. Astromical Phenomena 3D Stamp]
 F500    Sculptured Stereo Stamp
 F501     —[1972 Bhutan Sculptured 3D Stamp]
 F502     —[1998 United States sculptured 3D Stamp]
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