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B068      2006 Horseman 3D Stereo Camera


 Manufacturer  Komamura Co.
 Type  35mm format rangefinder focal plane shutter stereo camera
 Year Introduced   2006
 Film  135 (35mm format film)
 Picture Format  24 x 30.5 mm
 Lens  38mm F/2.8, 4 elements in 3 groups (pair), stereo base:34mm
 Filter Size  62 mm diameter
 Min. Focus distance  0.7 mm
 Viewfinder  Bright-frame(nature light) viewfinder, parallax auto-compensation, magnification ratio.
 0.45X, viewing ratio: 72% or more (vertical), 88% or more (horizontal)
 In-finder Display  Shutter speed, exposure indicator, exposure compensation mark
 Focusing  Dual-image superimposing rangefinder optical system cross-couple with the focusing
 ring of the lens, real image rangefinder
 Shutter  Focal plane shutter, available shutter speed: B and from 8 sec to 1/1000 sec.
 Exposure Adjustment  Shutter curtain surface direct light metering cross-coupling range; from EV4(F4) to  
 FV19 (F22)(at ISO 100)
 Shooting Mode  Aperture priority AE, Manual
 Exposure Compensation  ± 2EV 1/2-step increment
 Auto Exposure Bracketing  0.5EV, 1.0EV selected base → under-exposure → over-exposure
 Film Speed Setting  DX-auto setting, manual setting (from ISO 25 to ISO 3200, 1/3-step increment)
 Film Advance 
 Order-loading, pre-winding system, auto-winding, auto-rewinding
 (optional modes:entire  rewinding w/film-tip left out of cartridge), transport mode:S
 (single), C(continuous), M  (multiple exposures), hot-shoe and sync-socket
 Flash  Flash-sync timing:"Normal" or firing prior to the move of the tail curtain
 Self-fimer  Selectable timing (10 sec, or 2 sec)
 Displays  Film speed, shutter speed, auto bracketing, total shot number, battery capacity
 warning, self-timer mark, exposure compensation, AEB, flash-sync timing, multiple
 exposure  winding setting, w/backlight, battery capacity warning,  self-timer mark,
 exposure  compensation, AEB, flash-sync timing, multiple exposure winding
 setting, w/backlight
 Film Counter  Displays remaining number in built-in indicator w/backlight, flashes when the power
 is OFF
 Function Setting  ±, ISO, flash-sync timing, AEB, multiple-exposures (w/MODE dIAL)
 Power Source  CR2 lithium battery X 2, number of frames: approx.3000 shots (in our test
 Others  Hot-shoe, sync socket, electrical remove cable socket, tripod base screw hole hole
 Film loaded/unloaded indicator, rewind button
 Dimensions  166 x 82 x 66 mm
 Weight  900 g
 Max. frame count  36 Exp: 20 frames, 24 Exp: 13 frames, 12 Exp; 6 frames

Souce from: Horseman 3D Stereo Camera Owner's Manual

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