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B031      1954 Tower Stereo Camera

 Manufacturer  Iloca Camera, Wilhelm Witt, Hamburg, Germany, for Sears, Roebuck and Co.,
 Chicago, IL,  U.S.A.
 Camera Type  35 mm viewfinder stereo camera
 Year Introduced   1954
 Size (W X H X D)  183 x 76 x 60 mm (L x H x D)
 Weight  800 grams
 Film  135 cartridge
 Film Advance  Manual, 10 perforations by film winder (= 47.5 mm), film guided by sprocker wheel on  the top
 Image Format (H x W)  24 x 22.5 mm
 Frame Counter  Additive, from 1 to 30
 Shuttle Type  Prontor S. central type, between the lens, cocked with lever
 Shuttle Speeds  B, 1, 1/2, 1/5, 1/10, 1/25, 1/50, 1/100, 1/300 sec.
 Lenses  Isco Gottingen Westar or Isconar, F = 35 mm, f/3.5, thread for filters (30 mm)
 Diaphragms  Iris diaphragms between the lenses, continuously adjustable f/3.5 to f/16
 Lens Separation  70 mm
 Focud Mode  3 ft. to inf., movement of the front lenses
 Viewfinder  Galilean type, reduced size image
 Rangefinder  N/A
 Double Exposure  Prevention
 Selftimer  Approx. 12 sec. delay
 Flash  PC-outlet
 Tripod Socket  Threaded, 1/4“ - 20 threads per inch
 Special Features  The camera can be switched to Mono Mode or Stereo Mode by a turning knob, so it is
 possible that mono and stereo frams exite in the same film
 Accessories  User manual, everready case, slide mounts, viewer, projector

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