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B023      1994 FED BOY Stereo Camera

 Manufacturer  FED, Unit of Mechanical Production, Kharkov, Ukraine
 Camera Type  35 mm viewfinder stereo camera
 Year Introduced   1994
 Size (W X H X D)  184 x 81 x 58 mm (L x H x D)
 Weight  680 grams
 Film  135 cartridge
 Film Advance  Alternating 6 2/3 perforation steps and 20 perforation steps by one or three strokes of
 rapid  film winding lever, film guided by upper and lower sprocket wheels
 Image Format (H x W)  23.5 x 29.3 mm
 Frame Counter  Additive, from 1 to 20
 Shuttle Type  Two-bladed, behind the lenses, cocked with film advance, the shutter blades are also
 the  diaphragm blades
 Shuttle Speeds  B (with f/5.6),1/30 sec. (with all apertures) in manual mode, 1/30 to 1/650  
 automatic mode without any indication
 Lenses  Industar-81, F = 38 mm, f/2.8, coated, Tessar-type
 Diaphragms  Two-bladed, with diamond shaped aperture, behind the lenses
 f/2.8, f/4, f/5.6, f/8, f/11, individually adjustable only at 1/30 sec., at B only f/2.8
 Lens Separation  63.4 mm
 Focud Mode  1m to inf. with click-stops, movement of the entire lenses, depth-of -field scale
 Viewfinder  Galilead type, bright-line frame, with parallax correction marks
 Rangefinder  N/A
 Double Exposure  Prevention
 Selftimer  N/A
 Flash  Hot shoe, synchro speed 1/30 sec.
 Tripod Socket  1/4" - 20 threads per inch, not in the center
 Special Features  The camera can be switched to Mono Mode or Stereo Mode by a turning  knob, so it is
 possible  that mono and stereo frams exit in the same film
 Accessories  User manual, Everready case, Slide mounts, Viewer, Projector

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